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Entertaining has always come naturally to me. I've always considered both the audio and visual side of live performance as essential to success.


From the rain soaked streets of Seattle, Washington to the dusty main street of Bozeman, Montana, I have worked all kinds of venues and crowds. Traveling the Northwest in a stripped down 72 passenger Bluebird bus with a big PA and stage lights is just part of the educational experience I got while on the road. Leading a band of musicians across sometimes hostile territory in the middle of the nowhere has been the centerpiece of many

late night stories.


Songwriting grew from the need to express

myself and more specifically to win back

my high school girlfriend. My first song,

"Writing To My Girlfriend" was recorded

in my parents basement when I was 18

years old. I played all the instruments and

used two cassette decks together to multi-

track record.


Although the relationship didn't last, the song did convince her to come back. But more importantly, it led to a lifetime of songwriting dealing with love, loss and life.


Following a long absence from the music scene, I've returned with a new album and a new enthusiasm. Please take a listen to

a fresh, new and exciting sound for the next generation of BEAT fans!






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